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im working of a fan fiction series of books based on mlp:fim
there will be more than one. here are the ones named so far(ive named the ones ive finished in my head, ie plot)

book1= Equestria : under fire
book2= Equestria : as dark as day
book3= Equestria : pins and needles

the rest has not been finished in my head yet so there names arnt of yet existing

i can say that the plot follows a young male alicorn who is from another dimension, all his life in the human world he has seen shadowy apparitions of horse like men and women, but one day , after being attacked by said apparitions, ran and soon passed out in the Forrest, only to awake in ponyville.


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Thank You kindly for the fave!
DaintyTreasures Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thanks for the support <3
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